Recent Publications

May 2015

Homer, C.G., Dewitz, J.A., Yang, L., Jin, S., Danielson, P., Xian, G., Coulston, J., Herold, N.D., Wickham, J.D., and Megown, K., 2015, Completion of the 2011 National Land Cover Database for the conterminous United States—Representing a decade of land cover change information: Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing, v. 81, no. 5, p. 345-354, at

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Wu, Y., Liu, S., Young, C.J., Dahal, D., Sohl, T.L., and Davis, B.N., 2015, Projection of corn production and stover-harvesting impacts on soil organic carbon dynamics in the U.S. temperate prairies: Scientific Reports, v. 5, article  number 10830, at


April 2015

Homer, C.G., Xian, G., Aldridge, C.L., Meyer, D.K., Loveland, T.R., and O’Donnell, M.S., 2015, Forecasting sagebrush ecosystem components and greater sage-grouse habitat for 2050—Learning from past climate patterns and Landsat imagery to predict the future: Ecological Indicators, v. 55, p. 131-145, at

Huang, S., Liu, S., Liu, J., Dahal, D., Young, C.J., Davis, B.N., Sohl, T.L., Hawbaker, T.J., Sleeter, B.M., and Zhu, Z., 2015, Projecting the spatiotemporal carbon dynamics of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem from 2006 to 2050: Carbon Balance and Management, v. 10, no. 7, at

Peterson, B.E., Nelson, K.J., Seielstad, C., Stoker, J.M., Jolly, W.M., and Parsons, R., 2015, Automated integration of lidar into the LANDFIRE product suite: Remote Sensing Letters, v. 6, no. 3, p. 247-256, at

Tadesse, T., Senay, G.B., Berhan, G., Regassa, T., and Beyene, S., 2015, Evaluating a satellite-based seasonal evapotranspiration product and identifying its relationship with other satellite-derived products and crop yield—A case study for Ethiopia: International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, v. 40, p. 39-54, at

U.S. Geological Survey, 2015, Landsat surface reflectance data: U.S. Geological Survey Fact Sheet 2015-3034, 1 p., at

Surface Reflectance Fact Sheet 


March 2015

Boyte, S.P., Wylie, B.K., and Major, D.J., 2015, Mapping and monitoring cheatgrass dieoff in rangelands of the Northern Great Basin, USA: Rangeland Ecology and Management, v. 68, no. 1, p. 18-28, at

Gu, Y., and Wylie, B.K., 2015, Downscaling 250-m MODIS growing season NDVI based on multiple-date Landsat images and data mining approaches: Remote Sensing, v. 7, no. 4, p. 3489-3506, at

Hoell, A., Funk, C.C., and Barlow, M., 2015, The forcing of southwestern Asia teleconnections by low-frequency sea surface temperature variability during boreal winter: Journal of Climate, v. 28, no. 4, p. 1511-1526, at

Huang, S., Dahal, D., Liu, H., Jin, S., Young, C.J., Li, S., and Liu, S., 2015, Spatiotemporal variation of surface shortwave forcing from fire-induced albedo change in interior Alaska: Canadian Journal of Forest Research, v. 45, no. 3, p. 276-285, at

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Pervez, M.S., and Henebry, G.M., 2015, Assessing the impacts of climate and land use and land cover change on the freshwater availability in the Brahmaputra River basin: Journal of Hydrology - Regional Studies, v. 3, p. 285-311, at


February 2015

Byrd, K., Ratliff, J., Bliss, N.B., Wein, A., Sleeter, B., Sohl, T.L., and Li, Z., 2015, Quantifying climate change mitigation potential in the United States Great Plains wetlands for three greenhouse gas emission scenarios: Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change, v. 20, no. 3, p. 439-465, at

Ji, L., Wylie, B.K., Nossov, D.R., Peterson, B.E., Alexander, H.D., Mack, M.C., Rover, J.A., Waldrop, M.P., McFarland, J.W., Chen, X., and Pastick, N.J., 2015, Spatially explicit estimation of aboveground boreal forest biomass in the Yukon River Basin, Alaska: International Journal of Remote Sensing, v. 36, no. 4, p. 939-953, at

McNally, A., Husak, G.J., Brown, M.E., Carroll, M., Funk, C.C., Yatheendradas, S., Arsenault, K., Peters-Lidard, C., and Verdin, J.P., 2015, Calculating crop water requirement satisfaction in the West Africa Sahel with remotely sensed soil moisture: Journal of Hydrometeorology, v. 16, no. 1, p. 295-305, at

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January 2015

Boyte, S.P., Wylie, B.K., Major, D.J., and Brown, J.F., 2015, The integration of geophysical and enhanced Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer Normalized Difference Vegetation Index data into a rule-based, piecewise regression-tree model to estimate cheatgrass beginning of spring growth: International Journal of Digital Earth, v. 8, no. 2, p. 116-130, at

Funk, C.C., Hoell, A., Shukla, S., Bladé, I., Liebmann, B., Roberts, J.B., Robertson, F.R., and Husak, G., 2014, Predicting East African spring droughts using Pacific and Indian Ocean sea surface temperature indices: Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, v. 18, no. 12, p. 4965-4978, at

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Senay, G.B., Velpuri, N.M., Bohms, S., Budde, M.E., Young, C.J., Rowland, J.D., and Verdin, J.P., 2014, Drought monitoring and assessment—remote sensing and modeling approaches for the Famine Early Warning Systems Network, chap. 9 in Paolo, P., and Baldassarre, G.D., eds., Hydro-meteorological hazards, risks, and disasters: Amsterdam, Elsevier, p. 233-262, at

Senay, G.B., Velpuri, N.M., Bohms, S., Demissie, Y., and Gebremichael, M., 2014, Understanding the hydrologic sources and sinks in the Nile Basin using multi-source climate and remote sensing datasets: Water Resources Research, v. 50, no. 11, p. 8625-8650, at

Tadesse, T., Wardlow, B.D., Brown, J.F., Svoboda, M.D., Hayes, M.J., Fuchs, B., and Gutzmer, D., 2014, Assessing the vegetation condition impacts of the 2011 drought across the U.S. Southern Great Plains using the Vegetation Drought Response Index (VegDRI): Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, v. 54, no. 1, p. 153-169, at