The Don Lee Kulow Memorial Library

The EROS Library collections include current and historical information particularly in the fields of earth sciences, remote sensing, photogrammetry (map-making through the use of photographs), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), computer technology, and systems engineering.

The collections comprise more than 6,500 reference works, including books, professional papers, reports, conference proceedings, atlases, and audiovisual resources; 30 print serial subscriptions; online full-text access to more than 1,500 journal titles; and online research reference databases funded by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the Department of the Interior, the South Dakota Library Network, the South Dakota State Library, and the EROS Library.

The library maintains an extensive collection of scientific journals, ranging from the International Journal of Remote Sensing and Remote Sensing of the Environment to the International Journal of Wildland Fire, Ecology, and Global Change Biology, as well as the more general Science and Nature.

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The Don Lee Kulow Memorial Library's book catalog is available online through the South Dakota Library Network.

We circulate portions of our collection on a Library-to-Library basis only. Consult your local Librarian.

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Don Lee Kulow Memorial Library

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