The Land Surface Imaging Constellation Portal

The CEOS LSI Virtual Constellation provides land researchers with a single web site to obtain fundamental information, and in many cases the actual Earth Observation data, from terrestrial satellite systems.

The CEOS LSI Virtual Constellation portal was designed and built by the LSI participants in response to input from the community of users of terrestrial remotely sensed satellite data and with the support and assistance of the CEOS Working Group on Information Systems and Services (WGISS).

The intent of the Portal is to provide sufficient information so that the site will meet a high percentage of land user requirements for such information while avoiding over-population with minute detail. Satellites and sensors covered by this portal are listed, along with the operating agency, on the Satellites and Sensors Information page, which links from the Portal homepage.

From the Satellites and Sensors Information page, users can link to several additional pages, presented in tabular form, that present a variety of important information about satellite systems operated by CEOS member agencies. Satellite status, launch, and orbit information is presented, along with important information about sensor spectral characteristics, spatial resolution, and geographic and temporal coverage. Links also are provided to overview information about the satellite systems of CEOS member agencies and to pages that provide important documentation and data access information, including direct links to data search and order systems offered by the various agencies and to sample data offered by those agencies.

From the Direct Data Access link on the home page, researchers can directly query CEOS Agency space holdings and in many cases directly download the Earth observation data.

These web pages are a collaborative work between CEOS and LSI teams.