Recent Publications

May 2016

Jepsen, S.M., Walvoord, M.A., Voss, C.I., and Rover, J., 2016, Effect of permafrost thaw on the dynamics of lakes recharged by ice-jam floods—Case study of Yukon Flats, Alaska: Hydrological Processes, v. 30, no. 11, p. 1782-1795, at   

Zhu, Z., Fu, Y., Woodcock, C.E., Olofsson, P., Vogelmann, J.E., Holden, C., Wang, M., Dai, S., and Yu, Y., in press, Including land cover change in analysis of greenness trends using all available Landsat 5, 7, and 8 images—A case study from Guangzhou, China (2000-2014): Remote Sensing of Environment, at


April 2016

Picotte, J.J., Peterson, B., Meier, G.A., and Howard, S.M., 2016, 1984-2010 trends in fire burn severity and area for the conterminous U.S.: International Journal of Wildland Fire, v. 25, no. 4, p. 413-420, at

Senay, G.B., 2016, The power of remote sensing—Global monitoring of weather, water, and crops with satellites and data integration: Resource, v. 23, no. 2, p. 6-9, at

U.S. Geological Survey, 2016, Landsat International Cooperators and Global Archive Consolidation: U.S. Geological Survey Fact Sheet 2016–3018, 2 p.,


March 2016

Chen, M., Senay, G.B., Singh, R.K., and Verdin, J.P., 2016, Uncertainty analysis of the Operational Simplified Surface Energy Balance (SSEBop) model at multiple flux tower sites: Journal of Hydrology, v. 536, p. 384-399, at

Minsley, B.J., Pastick, N.J., Wylie, B.K., Brown, D.D., and Kass, M., 2016, Evidence for nonuniform permafrost degradation after fire in boreal landscapes: Journal of Geophysical Research—Earth Surface, v. 121, no. 2, p. 320-335, at

Moody, J.A., Ebel, B.A., Nyman, P., Martin, D.A., Stoof, C., and McKinley, R.A., 2016, Relations between soil hydraulic properties and burn severity: International Journal of Wildland Fire, v. 25, no. 3, p. 279-293, at

Nelson, K.J., Long, D.G., and Connot, J.A., 2016, LANDFIRE 2010—Updates to the national dataset to support improved fire and natural resource management: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2016–1010, at

Picotte, J.J., Peterson, B., Meier, G.A., and Howard, S.M., in press, 1984-2010 trends in fire burn severity and area for the conterminous U.S.: International Journal of Wildland Fire, p. 0-0, at

Sohl, T.L., Reker, R.R., Bouchard, M.A., Sayler, K.L., Dornbierer, J., Wika, S., Quenzer, R.J., and Friesz, A.M., in press, Modeled historical land use and land cover for the conterminous United States: Journal of Land Use Science, p. 0-0, at

Vogelmann, J.E., Gallant, A.L., Shi, H., and Zhu, Z., in press, Perspectives on monitoring gradual change across the continuity of Landsat sensors using time-series data: Remote Sensing of Environment, p. 0-0, at

U.S. Geological Survey, 2016, Earth as art 4: U.S. Geological Survey General Information Product 161, 20 p.,

Earth As Art 4 booklet cover


February 2016

Davis, B.N., Werpy, J., Friesz, A.M., Impecoven, K., Quenzer, R.J., Maiersperger, T.K., and Meyer, D.J., 2015, Interactive access to LP DAAC satellite data archives through a combination of open-source and custom middleware web services: IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Magazine, v. 3, no. 4, p. 8-20, at

Funk, C.C., Shukla, S., Hoell, A., and Livneh, B., 2015, Assessing the contributions of east African and west Pacific warming to the 2014 boreal spring east African drought: Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, v. 96, no. 12, p. S77-S82, at

Huang, S., Liu, H., Dahal, D., Jin, S., Li, S., and Liu, S., 2016, Spatial variations in immediate greenhouse gases and aerosol emissions and resulting radiative forcing from wildfires in interior Alaska: Theoretical and Applied Climatology, v. 123, 3, p. 581-592, at

Kumar, L., Sinha, P., Brown, J.F., Ramsey, R.D., Rigge, M., Stam, C.A., Hernandez, A.J., Hunt Jr., R.E., and Reeves, M.C., 2015, Characterization, mapping and monitoring of rangelands—Methods and approaches, chap. 12 of Thenkabail, P.S., ed., Land resources monitoring, modeling, and mapping with remote sensing: Boca Raton, Fla., CRC Press, p. 309-350, at

Wulder, M.A., White, J.C., Loveland, T.R., Woodcock, C.E., Belward, A.S., Cohen, W.B., Fosnight, E.A., Shaw, J., Masek, J.G., and Roy, D.P., in press, The global Landsat archive—Status, consolidation, and direction: Remote Sensing of Environment, p. 0-0, at


January 2016

Danielson, P., Yang, L., Jin, S., Homer, C.G., and Napton, D.E., 2016, An assessment of the cultivated cropland class of NLCD 2006 using a multi-source and multi-criteria approach: Remote Sensing, v. 8, no. 2, article 101, at

Minsley, B.J., Pastick, N.J., Wylie, B.K., Brown, D.D., and Kass, M., accepted, Evidence for non-uniform permafrost degradation after fire across in boreal landscapes: Journal of Geophysical Research—Earth Surface, p. 0-0, at

Otkin, J.A., Anderson, M.C., Hain, C., Svoboda, M., Johnson, D., Mueller, R., Tadesse, T., Wardlow, B.D., and Brown, J.F., 2016, Assessing the evolution of soil moisture and vegetation conditions during the 2012 United States flash drought: Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, v. 218–219, p. 230-242, at


December 2015

Auch, R.F., and Karstensen, K.A., eds., 2015, Status and trends of land change in the midwest–south central United States—1973 to 2000: U.S. Geological Survey Professional Paper 1794-C, 190 p., at

Brown, J.F., Howard, D.M., Wylie, B.K., Friesz, A.M., Ji, L., and Gacke, C.K., 2015, Application-ready expedited MODIS data for operational land surface monitoring of vegetation condition: Remote Sensing, v. 7, no. 12, p. 16226-16240, at

Funk, C.C., Peterson, P., Landsfeld, M., Pedreros, D.H., Verdin, J.P., Shukla, S., Husak, G., Rowland, J.D., Harrison, L., Hoell, A., and Michaelsen, J., 2015, The climate hazards infrared precipitation with stations—A new environmental record for monitoring extremes: Scientific Data, v. 2, article number 150066, at

Singh, R.K., and Senay, G.B., 2016, Comparison of four different energy balance models for estimating evapotranspiration in the midwestern United States: Water, v. 8, no. 1, paper no. 9, at


November 2015

Funk, C.C., Nicholson, S.E., Landsfeld, M., Klotter, D., Peterson, P., and Harrison, L., 2015, The Centennial Trends Greater Horn of Africa precipitation dataset: Scientific Data, v. 2, article number 150050, at

Gu, Y., and Wylie, B.K., 2015, Developing a 30-m grassland productivity estimation map for central Nebraska using 250-m MODIS and 30-m Landsat-8 observations: Remote Sensing of Environment, v. 171, p. 291-298, at

Ji, L., Senay, G.B., and Verdin, J.P., 2015, Evaluation of the Global Land Data Assimilation System (GLDAS) air temperature data products: Journal of Hydrometeorology, v. 16, no. 6, p. 2463-2480, at

Liu, Z., Wimberly, M.C., Lamsal, A., Sohl, T.L., and Hawbaker, T.J., 2015, Climate change and wildfire risk in an expanding wildland–urban interface—A case study from the Colorado Front Range Corridor: Landscape Ecology, v. 30, no. 10, p. 1943-1957, at

U.S. Geological Survey, 2015, Landsat—Earth observation satellites: U.S. Geological Survey Fact Sheet 2015-3081, 4 p., at

Landsat Fact Sheet