Recent Publications

December 2014

Giri, C.P., Long, J.B., Abbas, S., Murali, R.M., Qamer, F.M., Pengra, B.W., and Thau, D., 2015, Distribution and dynamics of mangrove forests of South Asia: Journal of Environmental Management, v. 148, p. 101-111, at

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Liebmann, B., Hoerling, M.P., Funk, C.C., Bladé, I., Dole, R.M., Allured, D., Quan, X., Pegion, P., and Eischeid, J.K., 2014, Understanding recent eastern Horn of Africa rainfall variability and change: Journal of Climate, v. 27, no. 23, p. 8630-8645, at

Mishra, N., Haque, M.O., Leigh, L., Aaron, D.B., Helder, D.L., and Markham, B.L., 2014, Radiometric cross calibration of Landsat 8 Operational Land Imager (OLI) and Landsat 7 Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus (ETM+): Remote Sensing, v. 6, no. 12, p. 12619-12638, at

Peterson, B.E., and Nelson, K.J., 2014, Mapping forest height in Alaska using GLAS, Landsat composites, and airborne LiDAR: Remote Sensing, v. 6, no. 12, p. 12409-12426, at

Worstell, B.B., Poppenga, S.K., Evans, G.A., and Prince, S.A., 2014, Lidar point density analysis—Implications for identifying water bodies: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2014-5191, 19 p., at


November 2014

Auch, R.F., and Laingen, C., in press, Having it both ways? Land use change in a U.S. midwestern agricultural ecoregion: The Professional Geographer, p. 1-14. (Also available online at

Giri, C.P., and Long, J.B., 2014, Land cover characterization and mapping of South America for the year 2010 using Landsat 30m satellite data: Remote Sensing, v. 6, no. 10, p. 9494-9510, available only online at  

Harriman, L.M., 2014, Climate change implications and use of early warning systems for global dust  storms, chap. 8 of Singh, A., and Zommers, Z., eds., Reducing disasters—early warning systems for climate  change: Dordrecht, Netherlands, Springer, p. 153-165. (Also available online at

Pervez, M.S., and Henebry, G.M., in press, Assessing the impacts of climate and land use and land cover change on the freshwater availability in the Brahmaputra River basin: Journal of Hydrology - Regional Studies, p. 0-0. (Also available online at

Singh, R.K., Senay, G.B., Velpuri, N.M., Bohms, S., and Verdin, J.P., 2014, On the downscaling of actual evapotranspiration maps based on combination of MODIS and Landsat-based actual evapotranspiration estimates: Remote Sensing, v. 6, no. 11, p. 10483-10509, available only online at

Storey, J.C., Choate, M.J., and Lee, K., 2014, Landsat 8 Operational Land Imager on-orbit geometric calibration and performance: Remote Sensing, v. 6, no. 11, p. 11127-11152, at

Storey, J.C., Choate, M.J., and Moe, D., 2014, Landsat 8 thermal infrared sensor geometric characterization and calibration: Remote Sensing, v. 6, no. 11, p. 11153-11181, at



Funk, C.C., Hoell, A., Shukla, S., Bladé, I., Liebmann, B., Roberts, J.B., Robertson, F.R., and Husak, G., 2014, Predicting East African spring droughts using Pacific and Indian Ocean sea surface temperature indices: Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, v. 11, no. 3, p. 3111-3136, available only online at

Gallant, A.L., Kaya, S., White, L., Brisco, B., Roth, M.F., Sadinski, W.J., and Rover, J.A., 2014, Detecting emergence, growth, and senescence of wetland vegetation with polarimetric synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data: Water, v. 6, no. 3, p. 694-722, available only online at

Long, J.B., Napton, D.E., Giri, C.P., and Graesser, J., 2014, A mapping and monitoring assessment of the Philippines’ mangrove forests from 1990 to 2010: Journal of Coastal Research, v. 30, no. 2, p. 260-271. (Also available online at

Loveland, T.R., Wulder, M.A., and Irons, J.R., Landsat Science Team meeting—first Landsat 8 evaluations: The Earth Observer, v. 26, no. 2, p. 24-28. (Also available online at

Pastick, N.J., Rigge, M.B., Wylie, B.K., Jorgenson, M.T., Rose, J.R., Johnson, K.D., and Ji, L., 2014, Distribution and landscape controls of organic layer thickness and carbon within the Alaskan Yukon River Basin: Geoderma, v. 230-231, p. 79-94. (Also available online at

Pervez, M.S., Budde, M.E., and Rowland, J.D., 2014, Mapping irrigated areas in Afghanistan over the past decade using MODIS NDVI: Remote Sensing of Environment, v. 149, p. 155-165. (Also available online at

Pervez, M.S., and Henebry, G.M., 2014, Spatial and seasonal responses of precipitation in the Ganges and Brahmaputra river basins to ENSO and Indian Ocean dipole modes—implications for flooding and drought: Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences Discussions, v. 2, no. 2, p. 1671-1692. (Also available online at

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Sampath, A., Heidemann, H.K., Stensaas, G.L., and Christopherson, J.B., 2014, ASPRS research on quantifying the geometric quality of lidar data: Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing, v. 80, no. 3, p. 201-205.  (Also available online at

U.S. Geological Survey, 2014, Landsat surface reflectance climate data records: U.S. Geological Survey Fact Sheet 2013-3117, 1 p., available only online at

U.S. Geological Survey, 2014, Tracking change over time—River flooding: U.S. Geological Survey General Information Product 133-A, variously paged, available only online at