Birds eye view of the EROS facilities

EROS is located in the country aproximately 15 miles north of Sioux Falls, South Dakota (See Visitor Information)

About EROS

At the USGS EROS Center, we study land change and produce land change data products used by researchers, resource managers, and policy makers across the nation and around the world. We also operate the Landsat satellite program with NASA, and maintain the largest civilian collection of images of the Earth's land surface in existence, including tens of millions of satellite images.

Why is EROS located here?

When the idea of EROS was conceived, it was decided that it needed to be centrally located for receiving data as Landsat satellites passed over the United States. The choice for the Center's location was narrowed to several States. Ultimately, South Dakota was selected as the site for the Center, due in part to the role played by the late S.D. Senator Karl Mundt.

Who Uses the Data in EROS Archives?

Scientists, managers, and technical users from around the world, including the staff at EROS, use data from the archives for a variety of data applications and research programs. For information on how to search for and order data from EROS, click on the Find Data tab above.


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