EROS archives remotely sensed images of the Earth's land surface. These data are acquired by civilian satellites and aircraft and used to study a wide range of natural hazards, global environmental change, and economic development and conservation issues. EROS staff members manage and distribute these data to scientists, policy makers, and educators worldwide.

Members of the EROS Outreach Team lead hands-on activities in classrooms to demonstrate how remote sensing captures immediate and long-term changes in the landscape. They conduct workshops and facilitate mentoring opportunities for high school and college students with our science, engineering, and technical professionals.

The EROS Outreach Team educates, coordinates, and supports the EROS message through graphic art, videos, and public interaction. Members of the Outreach team also participate in cooperative projects with many community and educational organizations.

American Indian Science and Engineering Society
The Globe Program
NASA's EarthKam
National Indian Education Association
Upper Midwest Aerospace Consortium
Univ. of Montana, Lewis and Clark Data Consortium
Washington Pavilion of Arts and Science

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