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Web page for the announcement of datasets being purged by agencies or orgainizations. Sponsored by CEOS and the USGS National Center for Earth Resources Observation & Science (EROS)
The Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS), an international framework for coordinating all spaceborne Earth observation missions, has established a "Purge Alert" service to help to ensure the long-term preservation of valuable Earth observation data. We encourage you to participate in this initiative that enables data archive managers to: 1) advise other archives of Earth observation data holdings scheduled to be destroyed, and 2) offer these data to other archive centers. We realize that it is the responsibility of all agencies holding data to assess the relative value of their holdings and their requirements for long-term maintenance of those holdings. Sometimes an agency must make the decision to purge data that could be important to help meet the mission requirements of another agency. The CEOS Working Group on Information Systems and Services (WGISS) finds that in this continuing process of assessment, it is helpful to share our information and findings with other data managers before data are purged. Thus, as a community, we can make wiser decisions about purging and transferring archival data.
(Excerpt from Helen Wood, NOAA)

All inquiries or data purge alerts can be addressed to:
  John Faundeen
  National Center for Earth Resources Observation & Science (EROS)
   47914 252nd Street
  Sioux Falls, SD 57198 USA
  Tel: 605-594-6142
  Fax: 707-222-0223

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