Black Forest Fire

The Black Forest Fire near Colorado Springs, Colorado, started June 11, 2013. The fire, the state’s most destructive wildfire in history, burned over 14,000 acres, destroyed over 500 homes, forced thousands of people to leave their homes, and killed two residents. The fire was considered 100 percent contained on June 20, 2013.

These Landsat images acquired on April 27, 2013, and June 22, 2013, show the area as seen from Landsat 7 and Landsat 8. The burned area can easily be seen in red tones. The distinct horizontal line that creates the southern boundary of the burned area is Shoup Road; the fire began along the north side of this road. The northern portion of Colorado Springs can be seen in the lower left of the images.

Landsat satellite imagery is a useful resource to officials as they monitor regrowth of the forest and prepare for future events.

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Thursday, June 27, 2013