Commercial Remote Sensing Partnerships

The fundamental goal of the Commercial Remote Sensing Space Policy (CRSSP) is to advance and protect U.S. national security and foreign policy interests by maintaining the nation’s leadership in remote sensing space activities, and by sustaining and enhancing the U.S. remote sensing industry. Doing so will also foster economic growth, contribute to environmental stewardship, and enable scientific and technological excellence. The USGS is a leading Federal agency in the implementation of the civil aspects of the CRSSP. EROS coordinates interagency remote sensing requirements, provides simplified access to commercial data, and archives and distributes licensed data to federal, state, and local government agencies.

QuickBird-2 image of San Diego, CA—March 9, 2002
San Diego, CA—March 9, 2002
IKONOS-2 (Space Imaging) image of Galveston, TX—November 11, 2003
Galveston, TX—November 11, 2003
AWiFS (Space Imaging) image of New Orleans, LA—August 15,2005
New Orleans, LA—August 15,2005

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OrbView-3 (ORBIMAGE) image of Anchorage, AK—March 5, 2004
OrbView-3 (ORBIMAGE)
Anchorage, AK—March 5, 2004