Creek County, Oklahoma fire

A large grass fire that started August 2 burned over 58,000 acres of grassland and destroyed over 380 homes in Creek County, Oklahoma. Residents of small towns in the path of the fire were evacuated in this drought stricken area west of the city of Tulsa. The fire was extinguished within days and residents were allowed back by the end of the month. An arson suspect has been charged for starting the fire. With daytime temperatures frequently topping 100 degrees, efforts to contain and control wildfires in western states have become increasingly difficult. 

Landsat images, acquired on June 17 and August 20 of 2012, show fire scars as well as the diminished regional river and reservoir levels. The images are being used by state and regional managers to evaluate the extent of the burn and the vegetation affected by the fire.

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Thursday, September 27, 2012