Informing LANDFIRE Remotely Sensed Analyses

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LANDFIRE, also known as Landscape Fire and Resource Management Planning Tools, is an interagency effort to store more than 20 vegetation, fire, and fuels vegetation geospatial layers for the United States in a centralized repository. In 2013, several Tribes and Bureau of Indian Affairs regions contributed a variety of datasets to the LANDFIRE program to assist with the update of LANDFIRE’s remotely sensed analyses.

The contributed datasets included disturbance perimeters (wildfire and fuels treatments), vegetation plot data (forest inventory and fire effects plot data), and feedback information (e.g., observations regarding discrepancies between LANDFIRE fuel model assignments and on-the-ground fuel model determinations).

LANDFIRE will utilize the contributed datasets to correct or confirm analyses of remotely sensed imagery. For example, vegetation plot data will be used to help determine the existing vegetation type, cover, and height for an area that is calculated from analysis of remotely sensed imagery.

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