Hurricane Sandy Surge and Marsh Dieback

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The USGS National Wetlands Research Center (NWRC) located in Lafayette, Louisiana, is using remote sensing analyses to assess the impact of Hurricane Sandy on wetland areas by using before and after image data of coastal New Jersey.  Radar data from TerraSAR-X and COSMO X-band collected before and after the storm will be used to produce a series of surge extent maps. These radar-based maps will document the extent of elevated salinity surge flooding and define the duration of the surge, which is critical for assessment of wetland resource damage. The biological response of coastal wetlands will be determined by comparing wetland condition maps created from electro-optical satellite image data (e.g., Landsat TM and SPOT) collected before Hurricane Sandy landfall and a relatively short time period after surge recession. The radar and optical products will be used to examine the link between surge flooding and wetland damage and dieback.

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