FWS Aerial Remote Sensing Team

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U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Aerial Remote Sensing Team

An Aerial Remote Sensing Team has been formed at the direction of the Service Aviation Executive and member of the Department of Interior (DOI) Executive Aviation Board.  This team has been tasked with developing and implementing aerial remote sensing capabilities within the FWS needed to inform programmatic management needs and conservation decision making. Working in close cooperation with the Service Remote Sensing Task Group, this team will be reaching out to various programs and initiatives across the FWS to learn more about their broad-scale landscape information or wildlife survey needs.

The Aerial Remote Sensing Team will compile and assess FWS-wide needs for aircraft-based remote sensing information, and will develop cost-effective aerial remote sensing capabilities using existing FWS aviation assets that are not readily available from the private sector. These capabilities will be made easily accessible to FWS resource managers and researchers. Finally, wherever possible, the team will reduce the risk exposure associated with manned low-level survey or surveillance flights by using  aircraft-mounted remote sensing systems  that can be flown at higher (safer) altitudes.

Remote Sensing Technology

FWS Kodiak Aircraft

This FWS Kodiak Aircraft is used for migratory bird surveys across North America.

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