Ground Penetrating Radar for Fish and Wildlife Management

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Ground Penetrating Radar

Starting late in FY2014, the FWS started using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to find buried survey monuments and archaeological features related to FWS land management activities.  GPR is a micro-scaled ground remote sensing device that emits and receives radar energy to detect features below  surfaces such as roadways, frozen lakes, buildings, or soil.  This particular GPR will initially be used by surveyors to find century-old survey monuments built out of rock and now buried below many roadway intersections across the Midwest.  Other potential uses include finding buried hazardous waste drums on former military ammunition plants, documenting unknown cemeteries, and  helping locate animal tunnels for endangered species work.

Remote Sensing Technology

Ground Penetrating Radar

Pat Carroll, Senior Realty Officer, Region 3, FWS and Amber Onufer, of MALA Geoscience going through the basic operational features of a  Ground Penetrating Radar sensor produced by MALA Geoscience.

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