Hyper-temporal Land Area Change Rates in Coastal Louisiana from 1973 to 2014

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Previous research has shown that coastal Louisiana has undergone a net change in wetland area of approximately –1,883 square miles from 1932 to 2010. This net change in land area amounts to a decrease of about 25% of the 1932 land area. Over a 1984–2010 observation period, coastal Louisiana wetlands were disappearing at an average rate equivalent to one American football field every hour. This study uses remotely sensed imagery to research the occurrence and rates of wetland change as a result of natural and anthropogenic factors. The goals are not only to document the occurrence and quantify the rates of wetland change, but to determine the linkages of those changes to underlying causal mechanisms including sea-level rise, subsidence, erosion, sediment deprivation, altered hydrology, and infrastructure development.


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Brady Couvillion
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