Users, Uses, and Value of Landsat Imagery

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To help assess the uses and value of Landsat imagery, social scientists at the USGS Social and Economic Analysis (SEA) Branch of the Fort Collins Science Center in Colorado are leading a long-term study to investigate the users, uses, and benefits of Landsat imagery. Information about the study, which includes surveys and case studies, and links to related publications are available at A series of surveys provides longitudinal data on how the users and uses of the imagery are changing over time, in part in response to changes in the provision of the imagery, and allows analysts to explore the value of the imagery. In 2015, the fourth survey targeting current Landsat users in the western United States was developed and will be administered in 2016. Additionally, multiple case studies were completed in 2015 focusing on the use of Landsat imagery in agriculture, forestry, and private sector technological applications. These case studies provide an in-depth look at the use of Landsat data to inform management, including increasing yields in agricultural production, harvesting and hardwood management in forestry, and increasing access and computation capability of Landsat on Amazon Web Services. These efforts document the widespread and increasing use and value of Landsat imagery.

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