United States, Canada, and Mexico Publish First-ever 30-m Land Cover for North America

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The USGS Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Center and collaborative agencies in Canada and Mexico have published the first-ever 30-meter resolution consistent land cover product for all of North America. This tri-national effort was completed under the umbrella of the North American Land Change Monitoring System (NALCMS), a collaboration between the governments of the United States, Canada, and Mexico coordinated by the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC). NALCMS has previously delivered 250-m resolution land cover and land cover change products for North America. The new 30-m product was generated using Landsat imagery derived into 19 land cover classes and will provide users a better understanding of the dynamics and continental-scale patterns of North America’s land cover at a scale that will facilitate regional and local analysis. NALCMS intends to produce this 30-m product every 5 years to update the changing land cover of North America and to quantify change. This product is available for download from the CEC website at http://www.cec.org/tools-and-resources/map-files/land-cover-2010-landsa….



New North America Land Cover at 30-meter resolution derived from circa 2010 and 2011 Landsat data. Past products were generated at 250-meter resolution; this example shows the spatial improvements from the new 30-meter scale.


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