Release of Landsat Collection 2 U.S. Analysis Ready Data

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Landsat Collection 2 (C2) U.S. Analysis Ready Data (ARD) became available in fiscal year 2021 and are the most recent publicly released Landsat science products. Landsat C2 U.S. ARD are pre-packaged and pre-processed bundles of tiled Landsat data products that make the Landsat archive more accessible and easier to analyze, and they reduce the amount of time users spend on data processing for time-series analysis. The bundled data tiles consist of surface reflectance (SR), surface temperature (ST), top of atmosphere (TA) reflectance, brightness temperature (BT), and quality assessment (QA) data that are consistently processed using per pixel solar zenith angle corrections, gridded to a common cartographic projection, and accompanied by appropriate metadata to enable further processing while retaining traceability of data provenance. Subsequently, numerous products are derived from ARD that are used as direct inputs to monitoring and assessment activities, including maps of land cover and land cover change, spectral indices, temporal composites, and higher-level science products such as burned area, dynamic surface water extent, and fractional snow-covered area. Landsat C2 U.S. ARD are generated in the Albers Equal Area Conic (AEA) map projection for the conterminous U.S. (CONUS) and Hawaii. Alaska is generated in Alaska Albers map projection. They are processed directly from Level-1 AEA scenes through Level-2 products using the World Geodetic System 1984 (WGS84) datum. The products cover CONUS (1982–present), Alaska (1984–present), and Hawaii (1989–1993 and 1999–present). The tiles are units of uniform dimension bounded by static corner points in a defined grid system. An ARD tile is defined as 5,000 x 5,000 30-meter pixels.

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Landsat Collection 2 U.S. Analysis Ready Data (ARD) are tiled, georegistered, top of atmosphere, and atmospherically corrected products defined in a common projection for immediate use in monitoring and assessing landscape change.


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