Remote Sensing Mapping Technology for Management

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In cooperation with the U.S. Agency for International Development, instructional media was created for the transfer of remote sensing mapping and GIS technologies used to create and implement the USGS developed live fractional cover (LFC) mapping of Northern Rangeland Trust Conservancies in Kenya. Step-by-step instructions for creating LFC maps from satellite data and using LFC maps for the management of pastoral and wildlife grazing are contained in the workbook and synchronized video recordings. The transfer success relied on the freely available Sentinel-2 optical and Sentinel-1 SAR image data and open-source processing and Geographic Information System (GIS) software tools.  The synchronized workbook and video are comprehensive, visual, and specific to the processing, production, and use of LFC maps. The workbook and video combination and step-by-step detail accommodate a workshop structure or self-directed learning for individuals or groups. The visual instructions and no-cost data and software promote independence and innovative advancement of the mapping and GIS tools to benefit the changing needs of sustainable resource management.

Amina Rangoonwala is helping some workshop participants at the Northern Rangelands Trust headquarters training facility at Isiolo, Kenya.


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