Cameras and hyperspectral imagers

Remote Sensing of Tracer Dye Concentrations in Rivers

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The flow of water in a river channel redistributes various materials, including organisms and pollutants, through a process called dispersion.  Understanding this mechanism is critical for applications ranging from species conservation to hazardous waste management.  Tracer tests with a visible dye are often used to study dispersion, typically by measuring dye concentration directly in the field at a few fixed locations.

Dwarf Planets and Asteroids

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The USGS Astrogeology Science Center (Astrogeology) is currently supporting five missions that have visited or will visit either an asteroid or a dwarf planet: Dawn, New Horizons, Rosetta, Hayabusa, and OSIRIS-REx.  The Dawn mission is the current NASA spacecraft in the main asteroid belt and is en route to the largest asteroid, the dwarf planet Ceres. The Dawn spacecraft had previously been in orbit around the second largest asteroid, 4 Vesta.