Field spectrometer

Retrieval of Intertidal Biofilm Quantity and Nutritional Quality through Field Spectroscopy

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Microbial biofilm communities (comprised of bacteria, diatoms, protozoa, and fungi) inhabit the surface of intertidal mudflats and comprise a large proportion of shorebirds’ diets. Given their major role in intertidal food webs, understanding biofilm distribution, quantity, and nutritional value for shorebirds is of vital importance.

Nitrogen Remotely Sensed Indicator of Root:Shoot

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Coastal marshes depend on belowground biomass of roots and rhizomes to contribute to peat and soil organic carbon, accrete soil, and alleviate flooding as sea level rises. Within a freshwater wetland impoundment receiving minimal sediments, we used experimental plots to explore growth models for a common freshwater macrophyte, Schoenoplectus acutus (S. acutus). We used nitrogen (N)-addition and control plots (4 each) to test whether remotely sensed vegetation indices could predict leaf N concentration, root:shoot ratios, and belowground biomass of S. acutus.