Site Location Validation

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The National Water-Quality Assessment (NAWQA) Program is collecting water, ecological, and sediment data from hundreds of sites across the country in support of Regional Stream Quality Assessments (RSQA). USGS imagery is an important part of this work and is being used to validate locations of municipal wastewater discharge, surface-water impoundments, and irrigation patterns and to map transects across streams selected for monitoring.  GPS technology is used to field verify and validate final coordinates for these sites.

Hazard Mapping in Aerial Waterfowl Surveys

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Pilot-biologists in the Branch of Migratory Bird Surveys (Division of Migratory Bird Management) collect georeferenced locations of aerial flight hazards during annual migratory bird surveys across the United States and Canada.  Hazards include powerlines, meteorological towers, wind turbines, and other obstacles near transect lines flown by aircraft during low-level surveys.  These locations are entered into a hazards geodatabase managed within the Migratory Bird Program that is used by pilots preparing flight plans.  Pilot-recorded hazards are integrated with existing Federal Aviation Adm