Geoscience Australia’s Lewis is Latest ‘Landsat in Action’ offering

Adam Lewis

The latest installment of EROS’ “Landsat in Action” series of video conversations has just come out and features Acting Chief Scientist Adam Lewis of Geoscience Australia (GA), who has led the National Earth Observation area of GA for over 10 years now.

Lewis discusses Australia’s deep Landsat archive, calling it a fundamental resource for the Australian community. “It’s our most important Earth observing satellite, without a question in my mind,” Lewis said.

He also touches on the free and open data policy for Landsat, his country’s relationship with USGS, and his thoughts on EROS’ work on the Land Change Monitoring, Assessment, and Projection (LCMAP initiative.

His is an interesting point of view, especially with Australia developing a new space agency.

USGS EROS launched its new “Landsat in Action” series late in 2017. It features conversations with scientists and remote-sensing experts from across the nation and planet about the value of Landsat to their work and, in turn, the benefits of that work to the greater society.

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