EROS Construction

1970 EROS The Local Story by Dave Stenseth Document.pdf
1971 Aerospace Final Report Phase 1 and 2 Questions Letter.pdf
1971 Air Cleanliness in Printer Processing Area Letter.pdf
1971 Air Filtration Requirements Meeting Letter.pdf
1971 Computer Equipment Planning Letter.pdf
1971 Diagrammatic Floor Plans Letter.pdf
1971 EROS Design Group (EDG) Letter.pdf
1971 For the Record NASA Review of DHB Plans Letter.pdf
1971 March Construction Criteria Letter.pdf
1971 Request for Room Specifics Letter.pdf
1971 Square Foot Cost Estimate Letter.pdf
1971 Data Handling Building Plans Memo.pdf
1971 May EROS Design Group (EDG) Meeting Minutes.pdf
1971 August EROS Design Group (EDG) Meeting Minutes.pdf
1971 September 15 EROS Design Group (EDG) Meeting Minutes.pdf
1971 September 27 EROS Design Group (EDG) Meeting Minutes.pdf
1971 October EROS Design Group (EDG) Meeting Minutes.pdf
1971 November EROS Design Group (EDG) Meeting Minutes.pdf
1971 Contract Execution Notice.pdf
1971 EROS Management Assistance Program Presentation.pdf
1971 Geologic Analysis of a Multispectrally Processed Apollo Space Photograph Report.pdf
1972 Data Handling and Support Facilities Addendum.pdf
1972 Furniture and Furnishings Scope of Services Letter.pdf
1972 Furniture Program List.pdf
1972 November Progress Report.pdf
Undated Concept C Acceptance Letter.pdf


1970 EROS Sioux Falls Site Announcement.pdf  
1970 Karl E. Mundt to President Richard Nixon Letter.pdf  
1970 EROS Data Center Organizational Chart.pdf  
1970s EROS Program Organizational Diagram.pdf  
1970 EROS Data Center Site High Altitude Images.pdf  
1970 Selection of Architect-Engineer for EROS Building Letter.pdf  
1970 William Pecora to NASA EROS Site Letter.pdf  
1970 Mundt, Curtis and Hickel Location of EROS Letters.pdf  
1970 Sioux Falls Facility Name Decision Memo.pdf  
1970 EROS Site Operation Ground Shot Pamphlet.pdf  
1970 EROS Data Center Sioux Falls Land Donation and Construction Proposal.pdf  
1970 Projected Uses of Observations of the Earth From Space-The EROS Program of the Department of the Interior Paper.pdf  
1970s Earth Resources Technology Satellite (ERTS) Information Report.pdf  
1970 Satellite Observation of Effusive Volcanism Article.pdf  
1970 Corridor from Pacific Ocean to Louisiana Mapped with Apollo Photography News Release.pdf  
1970 Mapping Cameras in the EROS Program Article.pdf  
1970 Comparison of Basic Modes for Imaging the Earth Paper.pdf  
1970 Future Applications of Earth Resource Surveys from Space Paper.pdf  
1970 Southern Arizonia Terrain Map Produced from Space Photography News Release.pdf  
1970 Space Photo Woven into Topo Map of Phoenix AZ area News Release.pdf  
1970 The Case for Universal Mapping Article.pdf  
1970 ERTS-A Satellite Imagery Article.pdf  
1970 Comparison of 1968 and 1966 Infrared Imagery of Surtsey Article.pdf  
1970 Aerial Infrared Surveys of Reykjanes and Torkajokull Thermal Areas, Iceland, with a Section on Cost of Exploration Surveys Article.pdf  
1971 Permit to Discharge into Navigable Waters Application.pdf  
1971 August Argus Leader Article.pdf  
1971 EROS Architecture Engineer Contract.pdf  
1971 Organizational Structure Involved in International Space Activities Report.pdf  
1971 Game Fish and Parks Site Development Letter.pdf  
1971 Natural Resources Information System News Release.pdf  
1971 Soil Testing and Wells Going Dry Letters.pdf  
1971 Contract for Professional Services Letter.pdf  
1971 Sioux Falls Mayor Schirmer Water Supply Letter.pdf  
1971 Sioux Falls Data Center Amended Contract Letter.pdf  
1971 EROS Design Group Master Plan Letters.pdf  
1971 Interim EROS Data Center Location Options Letter.pdf  
1971 EROS Construction Procedure Letter.pdf  
1971 Transferring Jurisdiction of Land to DOI Letter.pdf  
1971 County Commissioners Letter.pdf  
1971 Preliminary Master Plan Conference Participants List.pdf  
1971 The EROS Program of the U.S. Department of the Interior Presentation.pdf  
1971 Damaged Water Well Near EROS Site Memo.pdf  
1971 William Pecora Constructing the EROS Data Center Memo.pdf  
1971 Sioux Falls Interim Facility Memo.pdf  
1971 Provision for Printing Press in EROS Data Center Memo.pdf  
1971 Disposition of Proceeds from Sale of Copies of Photographs Memo.pdf  
1971 Personnel Spaces for EROS Memo.pdf  
1971 Proposed Lease Construction Agreement Review.pdf  
1971 Status of EROS Data Users Center Report.pdf  
1971 How to Get Started in Remote Sensing Paper.pdf  
1971 Remote Sensing Article.pdf  
1971 Uses of Applications Satellites for Inventorying and Monitoring the Earth's Resources  Paper.pdf  
1971 Earth Resources Technology Satellite (ERTS) Pamphlet.pdf  
1971 Supplement to the ERTS Data Users Handbook.pdf  
1971 Earth Resources Data Users Report.pdf  
1971 Macro Land-Use Mapping With Simulated Space Photos Article.pdf  
1971 EROS New Observation Vantage Points and Processes Paper.pdf  
1971 Satellite (ERTS A) Network of Ground Data Sensors - A User Oriented Experiment Paper.pdf  
1971 Pick Up the Phone and Learn the Earth's Secrets Articel.pdf  
1971 ERTS-A A New Apogee for Mineral Finding Article.pdf  
1971 Aerospace Methods for Revealing and Evaluating Earth's Resources by Wm A. Fischer Presentation.pdf  
1971 Aerospace Methods of Revealing and Evaluating Earth Resources Paper.pdf  
1971 Airplanes and Hydrologists - A Benneficial Alliance Article.pdf  
1971 Mapping From Space Paper.pdf  
1971 Mapping the Earth from Space by Alden Colvocoresses Presentation.pdf  
1971 Air, Space Studies Planned For Southwest Region News Release.pdf  
1971 Central Atlantic Region to be Studied from Air and Space News Release.pdf  
1971 Data Center for EROS Program News Release.pdf  
1971 Data Relay System Specifications for Earth Resources Technology Satellite Image Interpretation Article.pdf  
1971 Development of Remote Sensing Programs and Capablilities with Particular Reference to Geological Surveys  by Wm Fischer Presentation.pdf  
1971 Earth Surveying Satellites a Must For World Welfare News Release.pdf  
1971 Resolution, Detectability and Recognizability Paper.pdf  
1971 The Role of Remotely Sensed and Relayed Data in the Delaware River Basin Report.pdf  
1971 Value and Validity of Earth Resources Observations From Space Article.pdf  
1971 Urban Enviormental Problems Spur Use of New Techniques News Release.pdf  
1971 EROS Data Center Master Plan Approved News Release.pdf  
1971 Interior Plays Large Role In Earth Resources Survey Program News Release.pdf  
1971-1978 EROS Timeline.pdf  
1971 Resolution, Detectability and Recognizability Paper.pdf   
1972 Ground Breaking Scheduled Today for Earth Resources Satellite Data Center News Release.pdf  
1972 April 13 Argus Leader EROS Groundbreaking Article.pdf  
1972 Interior Has Key Role in Earth Resources Satellite Program News Release.pdf  
1972 Enviornmental Monitoring from Aircraft and Spacecraft Report.pdf  
1972 Remote Sensing of Earth Resources Users, Prospects and Plans Paper.pdf   
1972 Remote Sensing Capabilities for Detection of Mineral Targets Article.pdf  
1972 Remote Sensing of New York Lakes Article.pdf  
1972 Status of Remote Sensing Paper.pdf   
1972 Remote Sensing Studies Planned for Latin America News Release.pdf  
1972 Yellowstone Hot Spots Revealed on Mosiac News Release.pdf  
1972 Satellite Data to Help Indian Reservations Development New Release.pdf  
1972 Role of EROS in Monitoring The Coastal Enviornment Report.pdf  
1972 Thematic Mapping in the EROS Program Report.pdf  
1972 July 24 Argus Leader ERTS Orbiting Poles Article.pdf  
1972 July 26 Argus Leader Satellite Launch Article.pdf  
1972-1976 EROS Personnel and Organization Chart.pdf  
1972-1977 Budget History Chart.pdf  
1972-1978 Data Base Growth Diagram.pdf  
1972 Landsat Historical Computer Compatible Tapes (CCT) Graphic.pdf  
1972 Space Photography Available to Public News Release.pdf  
1972 Space Photography Browse Files Open to Publice New Release.pdf  
1972 Space View of Alaska Reveals Hidden Faults News Release.pdf  
1972 Nimbus IV View of the Major Structural Features of Alaska Report.pdf  
1972 New Photomap Products Report.pdf  
1972 Satellites and International Resource Development Article.pdf  
1972-1973 EROS Customer Profile Graphic.pdf  
1972-1978 Automated Data Processing (ADP) Equipment Procurment Plans Graphic.pdf  
1972 May Chamber of Commerce Newsletter.pdf  
1972 The EROS Data Center Pamphlet.pdf  
1972 Cartographic Promises of ERTS-1 Report.pdf  
1972 Image Resolutions for ERTS, SKYLAB and GEMINI-APOLLO Article.pdf  
1972 ERTS Photography Already Useful Report.pdf  
1972 ERTS & EROS Article.pdf  
1972 Geologic Questions and Results Provided by Early ERTS-1 Data Presentation.pdf  
1972 Applications of Remote Sensing To Earth Resources Surveys Presentation.pdf  
1972 Remote Sensing and Advanced Techniques Report.pdf  
1972 Remarks of Secretary of the Interior Rogers C. B. Morton at Annual Report Luncheon of the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Baltimore News Release.pdf   
1972 ERTS-A Opperations Summary Report.pdf  
1972 Proceedings of the Eighth International Symposium on Remote Sensing Enviornment Report.pdf  
1973 Landsat 3 Update Article.pdf  
1973 EROS Data Center Dedication Technical Sessions Agenda.pdf  
1973 August 5 Argus Leader EROS Worldwide Images Article.pdf  
1973 August EROS Dedication Newspaper Announcement.pdf  
1973 EROS Interim Facilities Floor Plan Graphic.pdf  
1973 Landsat Historical Computer Compatible Tapes (CCT) Graphic.pdf  
1973 Secretary of the Interior News Release.pdf  
1973 Photo Lab Dedication News Release.pdf  
1973 EROS Opening News Release.pdf  
1973 EROS Dedication Remarks News Release.pdf  
1973 Dedication of Karl E. Mundt Federal Building Pamphlet.pdf  
1973 EROS Pre-Dedication Banquet Pamphlet.pdf  
1973 EROS Data Center Design and Construction Pamphlet.pdf  
1973 Management and Utilization of Remote Sensing Data Symposium Pamphlet.pdf  
1973 Remote Sensing and Water Resources Management Pamphlet.pdf  
1973 Unique Characteristics of ERTS Presentation.pdf  
1973 NASA Earth Resources Technology Satellite (ERTS-1) St Louis Pamphlet.pdf  
1973 Karl E Mundt Federal Building Dedication Program.pdf  
1973 EROS Data Center Pre-Dedication Banquet Program.pdf  
1973 November EROS Data Center Program.pdf  
1973 EROS Program, ERTS Satellites and ERTS Image Use Mini-Manual.pdf  
1973 ERTS Data Fact Sheet.pdf  
1973 Studying the Earth from Space Presentation Program.pdf  
1973 Dedication of Karl E. Mundt Federal Building Program.pdf  
1973 EROS Data Center Mission Description Report.pdf  
1973 Use of Space Shuttle for Earth Resource Mapping, Inventory and Evaluation Report.pdf  
1973 Buried Faults on Atlantic Coast News Release.pdf  
1973 Space Images of Mississippi Floods News Release.pdf  
1973 Time Lapse Space View of Mississippi Floods Article.pdf  
1973 Tennessee Fracture Zone News Release.pdf  
1973 Concealed Structures in Arctic Alaska Identified on ERTS-1 Imagery Article.pdf  
1973 Galloping Glaciers Monitored from Space News Release.pdf  
1973 Iceland Helped by Space Imagery News Release.pdf  
1973 Kodak Tech BITS Vol No. 4 Periodical.pdf  
1973 The EROS Program Educational Package Report.pdf  
1973 A Report on United States Programs in Geology and Archaeology Presentation.pdf  
1973 Contributions of the EROS Program to the Department of the Interior's Resources and Management Responsibilities Report.pdf  
1973-1974 User Services Response Times Graphic.pdf  
1973-1975 EROS Data Demand Chart.pdf  
1973-1975 EROS Data Center Statistical Summaries.pdf  
1973-1975 EROS Data Center Monthly Activity Reports.pdf  
1973-1977 EROS Data Center Remote Sensing Training Workshop Statistics.pdf  
1973-1978 International Remote Sensing Training Workshop Participants List.pdf  
1973-1979 EROS Data Center Statistics.pdf  
1973 Contributions of the EROS Program to the Department of the Interior's Resources and Management Responsibilities Report.pdf   
1974 Argus Leader EROS Data Center Opening Article.pdf  
1974 May 14 EROS Site Celebrates Century Article.pdf  
1974 Data Base Print Out Decode Chart.pdf  
1974 EROS Data Center Financial Investment Chart.pdf  
1974 Future Problems Chart.pdf  
1974 Priorities for the Future Chart.pdf  
1974 EROS Data Center Chronology Charts.pdf  
1974 EROS Data Center Management Charts.pdf  
1974 Photo Products Satellite Image Offerings Chart.pdf  
1974 March Holdings Chart.pdf  
1974 January Holdings Chart.pdf  
1974 EROS Data Center Organization Diagrams.pdf  
1974 Financial Operating Plan Diagram.pdf  
1974 Earth Resource Technology Satellite (ERTS) System Diagram.pdf  
1974 Earth Resource Technology Satellite (ERTS) Coverage Index Diagram.pdf  
1974 EROS Data CenterProducts and Holdings Diagram.pdf  
1974 EROS Data Center Organizational Diagram.pdf  
1974 EROS Data Center Floor Plan Diagram.pdf  
1974 EROS Data Center Computer Terminal Network Diagram.pdf  
1974 Landsat Historical Computer Compatible Tapes (CCT) Graphic.pdf  
1974 Fiscal Year EROS Financial Operating Plan Graphic.pdf  
1974 Data Analysis Lab Objective and Equipment List Graphic.pdf  
1974 EROS Data CenterPunch Cards Graphic.pdf  
1974 EROS Data Center Community Relations Activities Graphic.pdf  
1974 EROS Data Center Building Layout Graphic.pdf  
1974 Data Analysis Laboratory Objectives Graphic.pdf  
1974 EROS Data Center Tourism News Release.pdf  
1974 EROS A Space Program for Earth Resources Pamphlet.pdf  
1974 January Data Base Statistics.pdf  
1974 Al Watkins Senate Bills S.2350 and S.3484 Testimony.pdf  
1974-1977 EROS Data Center Budget Chart.pdf  
1975 ERTS Puts the Whole Earth Under a Microscope Fortune Article.pdf  
1975 EROS Data Center Visitor Brochure.pdf  
1975 July Data Base Size Chart.pdf  
1975 September Data Base Size Chart.pdf  
1975 Fiscal Year EROS Data Center Financial Plan Chart.pdf  
1975 EROS Facility Investment Chart.pdf  
1975 Fiscal Year EROS Data Center Financial Operating Plan Diagram.pdf  
1975 Fiscal Year EROS Data Center Budget Diagram.pdf  
1975 EROS Punch Card Work Order Graphic.pdf  
1975 Agencies Supplying Data Graphic.pdf  
1975 Glenn Landis Named Deputy Chief of EROS Data Center Memo.pdf  
1975 Acceptance of a Large Scale Burroughs B6700 Computer System News Release.pdf  
1975 High Resolution Film Recorder News Release.pdf  
1975 EROS Data Center Summary for Sioux Falls Development Foundation Annual Report.pdf  
1975 Status and Plans of the DOI EROS Program Report.pdf  
1975 EROS Data Center Employment of Women Status Report.pdf  
1975 5th International Remote Sensing Workshop Summary Report.pdf  
1975 EROS Data Center Growth Summary.pdf  
1975-1980 Fiscal Year Expenditure Diagram.pdf  
1976 Availability of Earth Resources Data Brochure.pdf  
1976 ERTS-1 A New Window On Our Planet Brochure.pdf  
1976 Fiscal Year EROS Data Center Budget Diagram.pdf  
1976 EROS Chronology of Events List.pdf  
1976 International Remote Sensing Workshops Participants List.pdf  
1976 First Latin American Remote Sensing Course Held in Argentina Memo.pdf  
1976 EROS Digital Image Processing System (EDIPS) DOI News Release.pdf  
1976 The EROS Data Center Economic Impact on a Region Pamphlet.pdf  
1976 Access Routes to EROS Data Center Pamphlet.pdf  
1976 An Analysis of the Future Landsat Effort Report.pdf  
1976 EROS Data Center Data Demand Statistics.pdf  
1976 EROS Data Center Monthly Production Statistics.pdf  
1976 Congressional Record Report.pdf  
1976-1977 Monthly Activity Reports.pdf  
1977 International Remote Sensing Workshops Announcement.pdf  
1977 EROS Data Center Telephone Directory.pdf  
1977 Conclusions and Recommendations of Bureau EROS Coordinators For Departmental Review of EROS Program Report.pdf  
1977 EROS Data Center Overview Pamphlet.pdf  
1977 8th and 9th International Remote Sensing Workshops Pamphlet.pdf  
1977 Standard Remote Sensing Data Price List.pdf  
1977 9th International Remote Sensing Training Workshop Schedule.pdf  
1977 Monthly Production Statistics.pdf  
1978 Aerial Mapping Photography Order Form.pdf  
1978 EROS Digital Image Processing System User Handbook.pdf  
1978 Geographic Computer Search Inquiry Form.pdf  
1978 Manual On Characteristics of Landsat Document.pdf  
1978 Landsat Standard Products Order Form.pdf  
1978 Major U.S. Metropolitan Areas Order Form.pdf  
1978 Manned Spacecraft Photography Order Form.pdf  
1978 NASA Aircraft Photography Form.pdf  
1978 EROS Digital Image Processing System (EDIPS) Users Guide Part I.pdf  
1978 EROS Digital Image Processing System (EDIPS) Users Guide Part II.pdf  
1978 Satellite Image Maps for Sale by the USGS List.pdf  
1978 Potential Merger of the EROS Data Center Memo.pdf  
1978 EROS Data Center Pamphlet.pdf  
1978 EROS Program Factsheet Pamphlet.pdf  
1978 Introduction to the USGS EROS Center Pamphlet.pdf  
1978 EROS Data Center Applications Branch Activities Report.pdf  
1978 January Monthly Significant Activities Report.pdf  
1978 December Monthly Activity Report.pdf  
1978 Quarterly Product Summary Reports.pdf  
1978 EROS Program Office Project Research Report.pdf  
1978 EROS Remote Sensing Projected Training Schedule.pdf  
1978 10th International Remote Sensing Training Workshop Schedule.pdf  
1978 Analysis Sessions Summary.pdf  
1978-1979 Monthly Activity Reports.pdf  
1978-1991 Landsat Revenue History Charts.pdf  
1979 July 5 Argus Leader Skylab Article.pdf  
1979 August 23 Argus Leader Al Watkins Article.pdf  
1979 December 12 Argus Leader EROS Future Uncertain Article.pdf  
1979 EROS Data Center Visitor Brochure.pdf  
1979 September EROS Holdings Chart.pdf  
1979 EROS Data Center Contracts.pdf  
1979 Fiscal Year Budget and Income Diagram.pdf  
1979 Landsat 1 and 2 Data Flow Diagram.pdf  
1979 Responsibilities of the DOI in Management of an Operational Landsat System Essay.pdf  
1979 Computer Listing Key.pdf  
1979 DOI Position on Operational Satellite Remote Sensing System Studies Memos.pdf  
1979 DOI Lead Agency for Operational Earth Observation Satellite Systems Memo.pdf  
1979 Mapping, Charting, Geodesy, and Surveying Memo.pdf  
1979 EROS Program Reorganization Memo.pdf  
1979 Overstreet Committee Notes.pdf  
1979 12th and 13th International Remote Sensing Workshop Pamphlet.pdf  
1979 Standard Remote Sensing Data Price List.pdf  
1979 EROS Data Center Study Group First Meeting Report.pdf  
1979 EROS Data Center Study Group Second Meeting Report.pdf  
1979 Needed Improvements at EROS Data Center Study Report.pdf  
1979 December Main Image Files (MIF) and Data Production Statistical Summaries.pdf  
1979 EROS Data Center Budget Distribution Summary.pdf  

Landsat Newsletters

1978 January Landsat Data User Notes.pdf
1978 May Landsat Data User Notes.pdf
1978 November Landsat Data User Notes.pdf
1979 January Landsat Data User Notes.pdf
1979 March Landsat Data User Notes.pdf
1979 May Landsat Data User Notes.pdf
1979 July Landsat Data User Notes.pdf
1979 September Landsat Data User Notes.pdf
1979 November Landsat Data User Notes.pdf

PECORA Symposiums

PECORA Symposium History.pdf
1974 Ethelwyn Pecora Memorial Symposium Letter.pdf
1975 October Argus Leader Article.pdf
1975 Kelly Richard to Ethelwyn Pecora Invitation Letter.pdf
1975 PECORA I Meeting Minutes.pdf
1975 PECORA I News Release.pdf
1975 PECORA I Program Pamphlet.pdf
1975 PECORA I Advance Notice Pamphlet.pdf
1975 PECORA I Final Advance Program Pamphlet.pdf
1976 PECORA II Procedings Report.pdf
1977 American Association of Petroleum Geologists Letter.pdf
1977 PECORA III Program Outline Letter.pdf
1977 PECORA III Pre-Registration List.pdf
1977 PECORA III Registration List.pdf
1977 PECORA III Planning Session Memo.pdf
1977 PECORA III Summary Report.pdf
1977 PECORA IV Memo.pdf
1978 PECORA IV Announcement.pdf
1978 October 1 Argus Leader Article.pdf
1978 October 11 Argus Leader Article.pdf
1978 October 12 Argus Leader Article.pdf
1978 October 13 Argus Leader Article.pdf
1978 October 15 Argus Leader Article.pdf
1978 Pecora IV Call for Papers.pdf
1978 South Dakota Wildlife Federation Article.pdf
1978 Proceedings of Symposium Book pages 1-25.pdf
1978 Proceedings of Symposium Book pages 26-99.pdf
1978 Proceedings of Symposium Book pages 100-203.pdf
1978 Proceedings of Symposium Book pages 204-299.pdf
1978 Proceedings of Symposium Book pages 300-397.pdf
1978 Remote Sensing Terminology Book.pdf
1978 Wildlife Management News Release.pdf
1978 PECORA IV Program Pamphlet.pdf
1979 June 10 Argus Leader Article.pdf
1979 June 12 Argus Leader Article.pdf
1979 American Water Resource Association (AWRA) Pamphlet.pdf
1979 American Water Resource Association (AWRA) Program Pamphlet.pdf
1979 PECORA V Satellite Hydrology Reference Material.pdf
1979 Remote Sensing Milestones Report.pdf