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Solai Dam Tragedy in Kenya
Heavy spring rains and widespread flooding has killed more than 150 people and displaced thousands in Kenya this year.
A History of Lava Flows at Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano
New fissures opened up on Hawaii's Big Island in early May 2018, spouting lava that destroyed homes in the Leilani Estates neighborhood.
Rattlesnake Fire, Arizona
The 2018 fire season is already active in the western United States. One of the larger wildfires so far is the Rattlesnake Fire.
Hurricane Sandy's Lasting Effects on Fire Island, NY
As Hurricane Sandy made landfall on October 29, 2012, the storm’s waves and wind cut a breach in a narrow part of Fire Island, a barrier island south of Long Island, New York.
Urban Growth in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Decades of consistent data from Landsat help scientists monitor the growth of urban areas in a world where more than half of the population lives in cities.
Landsat's View of the Boston Marathon
The 122nd Boston Marathon, the oldest annual marathon in the world, takes place on April 16, 2018. This Landsat 8 image shows the April landscape of eastern Massachusetts, before vegetation has greened up.
From Chile to Your Smartphone
If you like being connected to the world everywhere you go with a smartphone or other device, then you have a desolate salt flat in northern Chile to thank.
Volcán de Fuego, Guatemala
Volcán de Fuego in Guatemala erupted on January 31, 2018, and Landsat 8 acquired an image of the eruption a day later.
Olympic Skiing and Land Change
Images from the Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) onboard NASA’s Terra satellite show how one area in South Korea transformed from mountainous forest to a world-class downhill skiing venue to get ready for the 2018 Winter Olympics.
Theewaterskloof Reservoir, South Africa
A three-year drought is threatening to cause city officials in Cape Town, South Africa, to shut off the tap water.
Solai Dam Tragedy in Kenya A History of Lava Flows at Hawaii Rattlesnake Fire, Arizona Hurricane Sandy Urban Growth in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Landsat From Chile to Your Smartphone Volcán de Fuego, Guatemala Olympic Skiing and Land Change Theewaterskloof Reservoir, South Africa

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