Lee Soaks Gulf Coast area

Tropical Depression Lee formed in late August 2011 and made landfall in the Gulf Coast area during Labor Day weekend. The center of the storm stretched across the central Gulf Coast, dumping torrential rains in the low lying bayou communities of Louisiana. Up to 10 inches of rain fell, prompting warnings of extensive and flash floods throughout the area.

The Landsat 5 scene acquired on September 6, 2011, shows the low lying areas filled with water (shown in blue). The August 29 image shows the area before the storm came to land. Landsat satellite data are routinely used by managers and disaster responders to evaluate the extent of natural and man-made events. A comparison of the two Landsat scenes illustrates the areas most affected by the tropical storm, and subsequent imagery will be used to monitor the recovery of the region.

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Monday, September 12, 2011