This memory game has a challenging twist. The pairs of images are not identical. Instead, they are before and after images of a location that has experienced a type of land change.

Find the matching image pairs of the same location—then try again and see if you can improve your time! The options below give you a variety of difficulty levels. Click the number of pairs you’d like to match up.

Four Pairs

Find a growing river delta and an expanding city—but a shrinking glacier—in the images for this memory game.

Six Pairs

Surprising changes to desert landscapes await in this set of images.

Eight Pairs

Find curious shapes on a dry lakebed in one of the image pairs in this game.

Ten Pairs

What can cause changes to coastlines? Landsat shows you in some of the images in this set.

Twelve Pairs

The difficulty level ramps up in this game! One of the largest areas of deforestation appears in one of these image pairs.

Fourteen Pairs

Both natural and human-caused change is happening worldwide. Which change pair shows the most startling change?

The game was inspired by Pia van Benthem, CaliforniaView, using imagery from the USGS Earthshots website, which has imagery from more than 100 locations.