Resourcesat-1 (IRS-P6) and Resourcesat-2

Advanced Wide Field Sensor (AWiFS)Satellite image of Southeastern USA
Resourcesat-2 AWiFS collected on January 24th, 2017 over Path 284 Row 49 Bands 5, 4, 3 over the Southeastern USA.

Linear Imaging Self-Scanning Sensor three (LISS-3)Satellite image of Chesapeake Bay and Delaware Bay
Resourcesat-2 LISS-3 collected on January 25th, 2017 over Path 289 Row 42 bands 5, 4, 3 over the Chesapeake Bay, and Delaware Bay, USA.

A partnership established between the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and the United States Geological Survey (USGS) allows for USGS storage and redistribution of data acquired over the United States by the Indian Remote Sensing (IRS) Advanced Wide Field Sensor (AWiFS) and Linear Imaging Self-Scanning Sensor three (LISS-3) onboard the Resourcesat-1 and Resourcesat-2 satellites.

USGS Distribution of Resourcesat-1 (P6) and Resourcesat-2 Products

The collaborative effort between ISRO and USGS provides for public access and redistribution of IRS data acquired over the United States at no cost, allowing users to download the AWiFS and LISS-3 imagery from USGS through Earth Explorer. The product options from USGS include a Level 1 Geometrically (L1G) corrected standard product, as well as a Level 1 Precision Terrain (L1T) corrected product where feasible.

USGS will distribute all newly acquired data over the US from the Resourcesat-2 mission (August 2016 to present), along with historical data acquired by the Resourcesat-1 mission over the US from 2003 through the end of the mission.

The LISS-4 data is not part of the agreement with USGS and will not be made available through EarthExplorer or other USGS systems.

We would welcome any input or feedback from the user community. Please provide comments or suggestions regarding the Resourcesat-1 or Resourcesat-2 data products to:

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