Salmon River Reservoir, New York 1985-2011

The Salmon River Reservoir in central New York state was created in 1914 when a hydroelectric power dam was constructed. The reservoir is a major source for electrical power generation, flood control, and recreation for the region. 

Water levels fluctuate quickly with spring showers and winter snow melt. Landsat satellite data, acquired since 1985, illustrate the steady increase in the size of the reservoir. A major cause of the expansion shown in 2011 imagery was the record rainfall in the region in September 2010. Lowland flooding occurred after the rain and the reservoir proved critical in holding back waters which would have caused extensive destruction of shoreline property downstream. 

Landsat imagery is useful for land managers and other officials to monitor the changes to the river and is one source for information for decision making concerning additional growth or diversion of the water in this area.

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Thursday, April 5, 2012