Sentinel-2 Multispectral Instrument (MSI)

USGS Distribution of Sentinel-2 Products

Portion of Denmark and Sweden
Example image tile acquired by Sentinel-2A over a portion of Denmark and Sweden (August 6, 2015)

UPDATE (December 23, 2016): As of December 6, 2016, ESA started distributing Sentinel-2 data products with a shorter naming convention. The new format also includes a full resolution True-Colour Image as an RGB (red, green, blue) composite image created from bands 4, 3, 2. An  announcement  was made on November 29, 2016, which highlights the updated product format described in the  Sentinel-2 Products Specification Document   (PSD) (version 14.2). Previously offered Sentinel-2 data in the EROS archive will be replaced as data with the True-Colour Image become available from ESA. Users may see temporary scene duplication in search results.

A partnership established between the European Space Agency (ESA) and the United States Geological Survey (USGS) allows for USGS storage and redistribution of data acquired by the multispectral instrument (MSI) on the European Union's Sentinel-2A satellite launched in June 2015.

The MSI collects imagery over the Earth’s land surfaces, large islands, and inland and coastal waters with potential revisit every ten days. The MSI sensor acquires 13 spectral bands that are highly complementary to data acquired by the USGS Landsat 8 Operational Land Imager (OLI) and Landsat 7 Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus (ETM+).

The collaborative effort between ESA and USGS provides for public access and redistribution of global acquisitions of Sentinel-2A data at no cost, allowing users to download the MSI imagery from USGS access systems such as EarthExplorer, in addition to the ESA Sentinels Scientific Data Hub. The current USGS Sentinel-2 archive is only a partial representation of all available acquisitions from ESA. Users should expect some delay before ESA’s acquired data becomes available on USGS systems.

The product options from USGS include a Full-Resolution Browse (FRB) image product generated by USGS, along with a 100Km by 100Km tile-based Level-1C top-of-atmosphere (TOA) reflectance product that is very similar (but not identical) to the currently distributed ESA Level 1C product . These initial product types were released in early 2016.

We would welcome any available input or feedback from the user community. Please provide comments or suggestions regarding the USGS Sentinel-2A product options to:

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