Urban Development in Bahrain

Urban Development in Bahrain 

Landsat satellite data show a remarkable series of changes to Bahrain Island in the Arabian Gulf region. 

In the 2000 image irrigated fields and urban development cover the northern portion of the island. The central and southern areas are largely desert regions. By 2010 the development and irrigation had expanded significantly. Road networks and an additional airport (noted by the straight line of the runway) have been added. 

Additionally, off the southeastern coast a series of artificial islands have been constructed in the past decade. Durrat Al Bahrain boasts luxury hotels, shopping malls, and residential communities. Golf courses have been developed to appeal to tourists and a growing population. A series of marinas also attract recreational sailing. 

The Landsat data are used to monitor growth in the region and to evaluate the effects of the added islands to established shoreline and current flow.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011