Mali has flat to rolling landscapes, occasionally interrupted by high rising plateaus. In the north, the Sahara Desert covers almost half of the country. The open steppes of the Akle Azaouad (AKA) plateau and rocky terrain of Adrar-Timetrines (AT) and of Tilemsi (T and VT) make large east-west swaths across the country. The southern Sahara transitions into the semiarid Sahel Region — the domain of pastoralists — interrupted in central Mali by the seasonally flooded alluvial plain of the Inland Niger Delta (DV, DM). The southern strip of this large plain is bordered by the Koutiala (PK) and Bandiagara-Hombori (BH) plateaus, the latter rising to 1,155 m. In southern Mali, the plains of the Sudanian Region account for the majority of the country’s agricultural land.