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Often described as one of the world’s best cities to live, Copenhagen is growing steadily. That growth comes with challenges to keep it a desirable place to live.

In these false-color Landsat images, the urban areas of Copenhagen are shades of purple. Vegetation appears green, and farmland appears bright green when crops are growing and pink when the fields are fallow.

The Øresund Strait separates Copenhagen from Malmö, Sweden. The strait and other water bodies appear black.

In the time that these images span, the population of Copenhagen has grown from 478,615 in 1985 to 580,184 in 2015. But the population of greater Copenhagen in 2014 was 1,246,611, up from 1,084,885 in 2006.


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June 1, 1985, Landsat 5 (path/row 194/21) — Copenhagen, Denmark
July 12, 1994, Landsat 5 (path/row 194/21) — Copenhagen, Denmark
June 21, 1998, Landsat 5 (path/row 194/21) — Copenhagen, Denmark
July 7, 2001, Landsat 7 (path/row 194/21) — Copenhagen, Denmark
June 17, 2014, Landsat 8 (path/row 194/21) — Copenhagen, Denmark


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