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Powell’s journey 150 years ago became one of the great surveys of the west that led to the formation of the U.S. Geological Survey. Powell said, “The exploration was not made for adventure, but purely for scientific purposes, geographic and geologic” (Powell, 2003). But it turned out to be an epic adventure.

The expedition team left Green River, Wyoming, on May 24, 1869, and made it past the Grand Canyon to the confluence of the Colorado River and the Virgin River on August 30. Enjoy the stories of the adventures along the way.



  • Powell Sites Map
  • Powell River Map
  • Green River Imagery
  • Ladore Canyon Imagery
  • Hells Half Mile Imagery
  • Echo Rock Imagery
  • Desolation Canyon Imagery 
  • Confluence of Green & Colorado Imagery
  • Glen Canyon Imagery
  • Marble Canyon Imagery
  • Grand Canyon Imagery
  • Separation Rapids Imagery 
  • Virgin River Imagery




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