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The All-American Canal (visible as the dark line in these close-ups) is now the Imperial Valley's main source of water. It carries 26,155 cubic feet of water per second from the Colorado River to allow irrigation of more than 2,000 km2 of agricultural fields.

Also noticeable in these two images is Interstate 8, which runs along the canal and occasionally crosses it. In the 2011 image, a subtle change is a road that runs along the U.S.-Mexico border—the road is part of border fence construction efforts. One clear change in these images is an area of new irrigated fields in Mexico (green circles and rectangles in the lower left).


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June 30, 1992, Landsat 4 (path/row 39/37) — All-American Canal, California, USA
June 27, 2011, Landsat 5 (path/row 39/37) — All-American Canal, California, USA
July 3, 2019, Landsat 8 (path/row 39/37) — All-American Canal, California, USA


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