Airborne electromagnetic survey (AEM)

Use of Airborne, Surface, and Borehole Electromagnetics to Evaluate Groundwater Resources

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Airborne, surface, and borehole geophysical surveys were conducted as a major component of a  groundwater resource exploration study of arid basins at Fort Irwin National Training Center (NTC) in the Mojave Desert in eastern California. To plan for the long-term water availability at the NTC, water resources are being evaluated in undeveloped groundwater basins underlying the NTC.

Water Availability in the Big Sioux Aquifer

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The city of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, requires a sustainable supply of municipal water to meet current demand and support future economic development and population growth. As such, the city has requested USGS assistance to provide information that will be useful in evaluating and managing its groundwater resources. The project will rely on an airborne electromagnetic survey (AEM) of the Big Sioux aquifer to help define the aquifer subsurface characteristics. These data will then be used to develop a groundwater flow model of the Big Sioux aquifer for management decision making.