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Consumptive Water Use

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Consumptive water use refers to water that is removed from a watershed by evapotranspiration (loss of water from direct evaporation or plant transpiration), making it unavailable for other uses.  Reclamation needs reliable estimates of consumptive water use to administer interstate and interbasin water compacts, and to quantify and verify volumes of conserved water arising from fallowing and crop type substitution agreements. 

River Restoration

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Reclamation is involved with a number of river restoration efforts throughout the Western United States, including the San Joaquin and Trinity in California, the Grande Rhonde in Oregon, the Lemhi and Yankee Fork in Idaho, the Elwha in Washington, and the Colorado along the California/Arizona border.  Although the specific goals of the restoration activities vary from river to river, they usually include provisions to improve riverine habitat for native fish populations that have been adversely affected by human activity (for example, reduced flows due to agricultural d