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Canal Seepage Detection Using Satellite-based SAR Data

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In the United States, there are currently over 100,000 miles of canal and levee embankments on the national inventory list, most of which are 50 or more years old and have surpassed their initial design life.  These aging water conveyance systems are known to lose large quantities of water due to distributed seepage, resulting in major costs of operations and maintenance, an

Identification of Deformation in Paradox Valley Using InSAR

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The BOR operates the Paradox Valley Unit (PVU), a salinity control project located at Paradox Valley in western Colorado that helps to minimize water degradation in the Colorado River. PVU diverts up to 90% of the naturally occurring brine groundwater in Paradox Valley, preventing it from entering the Dolores River.

Population at Risk Studies for Dam Failure Loss of Life Analysis

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BOR Population at Risk studies are used to determine the possible magnitude of loss of life in the event of a dam failure. Inundation extent, population at risk, and life loss estimation are the three components commonly considered in failure consequences. Remotely sensed data play a major role in determining population locations and densities.