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Ecosystems - Birds

Synchronizing Conservation to Seasonal Wetland Hydrology and Waterbird Migration in Semi‐arid Landscapes

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In semi‐arid ecosystems, timing and availability of water is a key uncertainty associated with conservation planning for wetland‐dependent wildlife. Wetlands compose only 1–3% of these landscapes; however, large populations of migratory waterbirds rely on these wetlands to support energetically demanding life history events such as breeding and migration.

Ecosystems - Wetlands

Land of 12 Million Wetland Types

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Under the leadership of Dr. Steve Kloiber (steve.kloiber@state.mn.us), the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MN DNR) has completed a 10-year effort to update the State’s National Wetlands Inventory (NWI) digital maps using new remote sensing imagery and geospatial technologies to produce a clearer, updated, more accurate picture of Minnesota’s wetlands, lakes, rivers, and streams.

Land Use and Land Cover Change