OSM Submissions

Cottonwood-Wilberg Mine, Emery County, Utah Reclamation

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The OSMRE Western Region worked with the State of Utah Division of Oil, Gas, and Mining to monitor reclamation efforts at Cottonwood-Wilberg Mine in Emery County, Utah, using remote sensing change detection of historical photography and land use records.  OSMRE purchased high-resolution lidar and orthophotography from Juniper Unmanned of the site before major earthwork comme

Pit Volume Calculations Using UAS Data

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Geographers and remote sensing specialists at OSMRE use unmanned aircraft systems (UAS; drones) to capture images and create mathematically correct 2D and 3D models of active and abandoned coal mining sites and features. The byproducts of these models, such as elevation data and composite aerial images, help OSMRE solve problems and make decisions about reclamation activities.