Fire Disturbance in Everglades National Park

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Remote sensing technologies have become an important data source for the study of fire disturbance and recovery. Fire disturbance and variations in vegetation dynamics following fire are primary factors in shaping the patchwork nature of wetland vegetation/surface water cover. However, little is known about wetland post fire ecology.because research has occurred almost exclusively in upland environments, not wetlands. USGS is conducting research to improve methods for fire detection, fire scar mapping, burn severity indexing, and post fire vegetation monitoring in wetland environments. 


Landsat images depicting 2010 Fire and Recovery.

Everglades National Park  - Landsat images depicting 2010 Fire and Recovery.  Clockwise from the upper left: freshly burned scar, scar containing green vegetation and little dead or dry vegetation (fuel), increased dry fuel, return of fuel levels similar to pre-burn conditions.