National Land Cover Database 2016 Shrub Component Products Completed and Released

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The USGS has completed and released the National Land Cover Database (NLCD) 2016 for the United States. NLCD 2016 for the first time includes fractional component products of shrub, bare ground, and grassland areas in the western United States. NLCD 2016 Shrub Component products characterize the percentage of each 30-meter pixel in the Western United States covered by shrub, herbaceous, bare ground, litter, sagebrush, big sagebrush, and annual herbaceous, along with estimating shrub height and sagebrush height. These products have been produced by the USGS in collaboration with the Bureau of Land Management. Shrub component products are designed to be used individually or combined to support a broad range of applications. NLCD 2016 data downloads and links to Web Mapping Services are available at the Multi-Resolution Land Characteristics Consortium website,

Percent Shrub Cover, one of nine NLCD 2016 Shrubland Fractional Component datasets.

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