Riparian Vegetation Trends in Evapotranspiration

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The riparian corridors of the Lower Colorado River mainstem, the San Pedro and Virgin rivers were selected to measure riparian plant greenness and water use for the past 22 years (2000–2021). A revised ETa algorithm, Nagler ET(EVI2), was used following changes that incorporate gridded weather data (Daymet) and Landsat-derived 2-band Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI2). Results may contribute to a greater understanding of greenness trends along the rivers studied including the impact of the biocontrol tamarisk beetle (Diorhabda spp.), which has been defoliating nonnative saltcedar (Tamarix spp.), the dominant vegetation along the Virgin River corridor. Decision makers can use these findings to mitigate declines in riparian woodlands.

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Pamela Nagler
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