Establishing a Coupled Remote Sensing and Phenological Observation Network in the North Central United States through the AmericaView Program

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The goal of the project is to establish, coordinate, and support a monitoring network to collect and maintain a daily stream of plant phenology information.  These data will support research, education, management policy and decision-making, and improve our understanding of how climate, operating at multiple spatial and temporal scales, will influence ecosystem processes and services.

The North Central Climate Science Center (NC CSC) is coordinating with the USGS AmericaView program to enlist five active StateView programs to conduct phenological observations.  This effort will include establishing PhenoCam locations and planting cloned lilacs.  The activity will help the NC CSC reach out to state-level users (such as state climatologists) through the StateView programs and explore the land surface phenology-climate connection.

The proposed activity will contribute to the following projects:

  • The Committee of Earth Observing Satellite Land Surface Phenology validation network.
  • The USA National Phenology Network
  • The PhenoCam network


The primary remote sensing products include MODIS vegetation products and Landsat.

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Jeffrey T. Morisette
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