Tracking Crocodilians

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Crocodilians are present throughout virtually all Everglades freshwater wetlands and estuarine areas. Everglades National Park has undergone a number of hydrological engineering projects to improve water delivery to south Florida that impact the health of this ecosystem. Crocodiles and alligators are among top predators within the Greater Everglades ecosystem, and the   impacts are a concern for all life stages. Crocodilian response is directly related to suitability of environmental conditions and hydrologic change. Studies of movements that quantify home ranges are vital to understanding spatial requirements for individuals within the population.  Satellite/GPS tags were deployed on 15 crocodiles and 4 alligators to quantify spatial habitat-use patterns over time. This information is used to understand population processes and life history characteristics, and to design effective conservation and management strategies.

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Christine W. Fadeley
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